The First Project

I am excited to say that this manuscript is in the final stages of revision, and we are looking to have the book in print soon! It is a short read, but it will cause you to think about the issues that police face everyday. The following is an excerpt from the beginning that allows you a glimpse into what questions the book answers. It is my prayer that this book will help many people have a fuller understanding of the world police officers live within, and how this world is framed within the Christian view. I have a title picked out, but have yet to run it through the process. It will be coming soon!

“It is 2:30 in the morning, and I can’t sleep. I just saw an old friend post something on social media concerning police officers in recent events. I wanted to post back, but frankly I need to bring so much information to light that it wouldn’t fit in a post. There is too much information, and the topic is too important to simpIy post an opinion in the sea of other opinions. I need to write a book on the topic, and here it is. There are many who in recent times have voiced strong opinions on police officers and their actions. This book is being written to enlighten people about what it means to be a police officer, at least in my perspective. As you journey through the pages of this book, I ask you to place yourself in our boots. Wake up at 5:30 P.M., get in the shower, get dressed, put on a bullet proof vest, put on the gun belt, check your equipment, kiss and hug your spouse and kids, start the car and turn your radio on. Search these pages for clues in your investigation of our intentions behind our actions. What information is readily known to us and used in our decision making process, but not to the general public anymore?”

I will keep this page updated, as the process moves along!

The Second Project

The next project in the hopper is to publish a devotional for warriors. They are already written, and as soon as the first project is done, I will start assembling them.

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